Tire Washing Technology to Provide Efficiency and Effectiveness in Cleaning Wheels

Tire Washing

Wheel washers can become important technologies that will be needed by construction industries. There are many vehicles that should be cleaned and washed before leaving the construction sites so the vehicles will not leave the soil, stones, and other kinds of lumps on the roads that can make the road dirty and even cause accidents. It may seem simple, but it is part of the responsibilities that should be managed well by the construction industry. Because of that, Moby-Dick provides excellent tire washing technology. The wheel washers have great technologies that will be able to clean the wheels perfectly without taking much burden on energy consumption.

Tire Washing Technology

The tire washing technology from Moby-Dick uses the combination of high volume of water and low pressure of water jet. It is true that usually, the water jet uses high pressure to deliver strong power output so the water can have enough energy to wash every corner of the wheels. However, it will require high energy consumption that will increase the cost of operation. Thus, Moby-Dick uses the combination of water volume and pressure to maintain the same results. By proper calculation and designs of nozzles, the low-pressure water jet still can provide the same power output because of the help of a high volume of water. Even, the water is not only to clean the wheels, but it will be used to rinse the dirt and lumps in the washing area.

Water Recycling Technology

In addition to its wheel washing technology, MobyDick also uses water recycling technology. This is very helpful in saving the water consumption. After the washing process, the water will be delivered to the provided tanks, and it will be recycled so it is possible to reuse the water. There is the process of sedimentation to separate the water and dirt so that later the water will be ready to use in the washing process.